#Stylebusters: Gbenro Ajibade is fashion confident
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#Stylebusters: Gbenro Ajibade is fashion confident

Ezinne Osuagwu

It’s #Stylebusters weekly and newly married Gbenro Ajibade is on our style radar. The model and actor is known for his quirky fashion and his ballsy take on style. Today we dissect his fashion choices to see style from his point of view. Will Gbenro be a winner? We sure hope so.

Trousers are a little long, it’s a little creased,  I’m missing the shirt cuffs in there and the fit a size bigger than the wearer . That said, he still managed to pull it off somehow, the smile helps though but in all not exactly spot on but it gets a pass.

I love tribal prints! They are so vibrant and fun, I like that he infused colour into it with the pants, he looks confident and comfortable. The shoes and hat are a nice touch. This is a fun outfit.

From the obviously-not-Hermes belt to the I’m-sure-those-aren’t-burberry pants and the Frank Sinatra button down shirt, this outfit  is a little tacky. Is it the fit of the pants or the button down shirt, but for some reason this doesn’t just ring right. Do you agree?

See his smile! You’ll know he’s smoking and he knows it. I love the fit of the pants, the red fila is cool and the shoes are nice even though I feel less serious shoes would have made it sexier, but still it’s a cool look.

Gbenro Ajibade takes a lot of risks and dresses confidently no matter how you perceive his outfits, he’ll make them work regardless and that alone makes his fashion great

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