Rocking short shorts? Here’s how to keep it classy
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Rocking short shorts? Here’s how to keep it classy

Ezinne Osuagwu

Shorts are a stylish fashion piece when worn correctly. Though they are a bit revealing, you can wear shorts and still keep it classy. A lot of people avoid this piece because it’s a bit showy and could go wrong when styled incorrectly, but with the right tips, that could be avoided. The most important point though, is to ensure you’re comfortable and the outfit meets your taste. That said. Here are a few ways to wear short shorts and keep it clean still.


Don’t go too tight-

When choosing shorts, a loose fit will keep it a bit understated, also, a high waist will be a plus as it gives the impression of a not so short pair of shorts, if you get what I mean.


Create false proportions-

A simple high topped pair of shoes would also do well to create more length and show less legs. Match up your shorts with a cute pair of gladiator sandals (High top) Or a lovely pair of high top shoes like the lady above. Which ever way you go, you can’t go wrong… (Or can you?)

Oversize accents

Pairing an oversize blouse over a tight pair of shorts help to understate the look and give it a nonchalant air. Go high or go low with your shoes, simple accessories and not too loud makeup and you’re good to go.


Wear flats!

This look could have gone awry if she hadn’t styled it so simply. The key is to keep it minimal with a pair of flat sandals or shoes. I love the statement bag which takes away attention from the outfit. Take a cue from her and rock a statement piece that distracts you from the happenings or length of the outfit.

Image soure- Instagram

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