Menswear 101: The classic man’s guide to wearing a waistcoat
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Menswear 101: The classic man’s guide to wearing a waistcoat

Ezinne Osuagwu

The waistcoat is one menswear piece that is versatile and can serve for different dress code theme. Let’s be honest, when styled badly the waistcoat can be pretty ugly but with the right proportions and fit, it could be a killer choice for an outfit of the day.

Waistcoats which come with lapels are my favorite as they could take on a mind of their own and still add an extra chill when worn with a suit. But it is paramount that you wear those that fit properly especially around the armhole and at the back, avoid too much bunched up fabric; better still, tailor them to fit.

Also, if you’re not careful, they could make you look like a waiter, to avoid this you could avoid those colours that project just that (Especially black). Fabric also is important, quality fabric gives off a quality feel and when you button your waistcoat leave the last button open, just like your suit, to leave room to stretch,

Finally the waist coat could be styled with jeans and chinos for kids- honestly unless you’re p-square (which doesn’t make it any tolerable) when styled with jeans, it doesn’t give you that clean look we are aiming for. Either way it’s styled the waistcoat is a classic piece that could give your outfit a new feel.

Would you rock the waistcoat?

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