#Opinion: What happens when fashion trends are no longer trending?
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#Opinion: What happens when fashion trends are no longer trending?

Ezinne Osuagwu

I always tell people, fashion trends are the future of fashion but predicting and rocking these trends, now that’s where the fun begins. Unfortunately there is a general misconception about trends and style. People believe that wearing trends du jour, make them stylish and current, but the pertinent question is, what happens after the trends are no longer trendy?

Take leather for instance, this is a seasonal trend because it’s mostly worn during the cold seasons and it causes intense heat. I will not speak in autumns, winters and summers because we live in a very less complicated clime; Dry season and wet season. It’s obviously colder during the wet seasons than in the dry seasons, so leather could have a place in our wardrobe, but what happens when it’s now piping hot and you want to wear your beloved leather jacket?

Remember the oleku? Yup we kissed it goodbye last year when the twisted wrap snatched it’s glory (Even that style is becoming extinct too) Oh how we rocked them in different colours and styles? If you didnt have an oleku two years ago, you aren’t happening. It’s nowhere to be found now, so what do we do with it? As new fashion trends come, old fashion trends become less “cool” so we dump it and jump on the new train, but that shouldn’t be it.


I love fashion trends, I love that flared jeans are back, I know we hardly wear leggings anymore, and I know that high waist jeans are slowly becoming history so what is life like after these trends are gone; I say, business as usual. Rock them afterwards. Fashion is what you wear, but style, that’s how you wear it! Rock your oleku blouses with pants, recycle those oleku wrappers as skirts, and those high waist jeans? they are still stylish! Vintage is the new chic, so let’s treat our old fashion trends as vintage pieces and style yesterday’s trends as today’s fashion. When one style goes out of style, wear it as with a modern twist. Now that’s true style.  But if you do not want the hassle, then maybe buying trends isn’t for you,

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