Hair and beauty: Faux locs hair trend- here’s all you need to know
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Hair and beauty: Faux locs hair trend- here’s all you need to know

Ezinne Osuagwu

Faux locs are apparently having a moment, and even though they aren’t exactly my type of hairstyle, you can’t deny that they hold a certain appeal. They could be made with yarn, kanekalon hair extensions, or marley hair and are a fantastic protective style option as it covers the entire length of your hair. Here are a few things you need to know about faux locs if you’re considering the protective style.

They can be pretty heavy and uncomfortable- Though I have never worn the hairstyle, word around town is, lying on your head might be a problem for at least a week, as the style can be pretty stiff. Also, they can be heavy as a lot of hair is used to make the style.

Low maintenance but… : The hair is pretty much low maintenance and can be styled easily, but with time, if you’re not careful, it could slide down your hair or unravel, hence it’s imperative to watch out for stray hairs and watch the edges as your hair might need touch up as time goes by.


The hair can frizz o: If you do not tie your hair with a satin bonnet or sleep with a satin pillowcase, the hair could start to frizz really early. It will frizz eventually and I think that’s when it starts to get really pretty, but then again, it could tend to look unkempt if you do not take good care of it.

Your hair will still need some care: In as much as you might not need to manipulate and care constantly for it, it’s good to spritz and moisturise your edges to keep dryness at bay. Also, you could use spirit to clean your scalp, but be careful so you don’t have cotton balls all up in your hair. Do not loc your edges so as not to have traction alopecia, it’s best to leave your egdges out of the process as they can be quite tight and tug on them.

It could be quite expensive and time consuming: Unless you’re using yarn or kanekalon hair, this could be quite an expensive venture, as you’ll be using a lot of hair. Marley hair uses up to 5-7 packs for a complete head and one pack is more than a thousand naira, then you’ll pay for workmanship LOL. Also it could take hours to make the hair so be ready t commit.

Faux locs are a very pretty protective style, which could be carried for a long time. Do you like them?

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