#Opinion: To make up or to make down?
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#Opinion: To make up or to make down?

Ezinne Osuagwu

I read a post on Bellanaija yesterday where someone highlighted the reasons why women feel the need to wear makeup. Among the reasons, she listed that women makeup for their fellow women in the spirit of healthy competition (Ha! nothing healthy about that competition, babes aren’t smiling o)

She also said they makeup to boost their confidence, of course I agree, when you know you’re on fleek, there’s an almost-jump in your strut, the world becomes your runway and even Naomi Campbell will nod in approval.

Also some people she talked to said they makeup for their men. I have friends who like vain women , and love to see them dolled up 90% of the time, but mind you, it’s a very small percentage of men, most of them couldn’t be bothered. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

Others wear makeup to cover up flaws, spots and defects and enhance their beauty, this too is valid, everyone should be given a second chance at beauty so by all means, conceal away. That said, is an outfit truly complete without makeup?

We live in a world now where you are judged by the arch of your brows; Now this goes two ways. When you’re well dressed and well dolled up, you are seen as au courant, you’re perceived to know your onions and your fashion. But show up at an event bare faced without your war paint, and it’s a different reception entirely.

On the other hand, when you’re well made up, brow on point, lids on point, lips smoking hot, lots of people don’t expect smart things to proceed out of your very pretty mouth. I was interviewed by a TV station at an event last month and when I joked with the presenter not to ask hard questions, she told me not to worry, “Us stylish girls are dumb” Speak for yourself darling! Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, a lot of people hold this same opinion; and it’s wrong.

The point is, whether you makeup or make down should be secondary. We shouldn’t hide behind the false securities these makeup products provide us. I dare anyone to attend an event without lots of makeup on, no one will take this challenge. Don’t get it twisted, If I settle down to beat my face properly, even Kim will befriend me, but then I have come to accept that I have dark eyes that always make me look tired if I don’t brighten them with makeup, but I wouldn’t mind wearing my bare face anywhere if I am not in the mood. When you accept your bare face and love it, people are faced with no choice but to love it too. No one ever stood out by being like every other person.

To makeup or to make down? Now that decision should be up to you and your mood, so don’t let society dictate to you when and where to doll up to, be ‘you’, be the best ‘you’, and love ‘you’, even at your worst.

That said, biko, which concealer would you recommend? I am thinking or changing my milani concealer. It’s too oily. LOL

Image source: Pintrest.com

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