Hair and Beauty: How to get Kohl or Kajal out of your eyes
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Hair and Beauty: How to get Kohl or Kajal out of your eyes

Ezinne Osuagwu

If you love makeup but getting your kohl or kajal off is a problem, then this post is for you. Not properly cleaning off your kajal can cause your eyes to darken with time, and it could also give you raccoon eyes, (i.e smudged black traces under your eyes) thus I had to go looking for different methods to effectively clean off your kajal; Here’s what I found

Scrub and exfoliate: Wash your face with a face towel and water. Gently rub under your eyes with your foam or towel. Also you could use a face scrub, by dipping a finger and scrubbing to exfoliate the skin and remove stubborn kajal smudges, in very gentle strokes.

Use castor oil and olive oil: is one of the best ways to take off your kajal, and even your entire makeup. Massage your under eye with oil at night before bed. You can use olive or castor oil. Castor oil could perform a dual role of cleang off your kajal, and growing your eyelashes. Some people’s eyes get irritated when it comes in contact with oil, so know what suits you. Eitherway, follow up with a face wash afterwards.

Use a soft cloth and water: Soak a soft cloth in water and gently rub under your eyes, gently and repeatedly until you get the stains out. Be careful not to rub too hard as the under eye is very sensitive and too much friction could darken the under eye. Press the cloth against your eye for 20 seconds, wiggle the cloth and add a little pressure to get between your lashes, but don’t scrub
Wipe off the makeup with downward strokes, again being careful not to scrub or tug on your skin.

Vaseline helps too: Massage Vaseline around your eyes and wipe off with cotton, try using coton pads as cotton balls could leave fibres in your eyes. Tissues also leave particles, so avoid them at best, if not use a cloth to wipe it off before you then wash your face.

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