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Hair and beauty: Natural hair mistakes you’re probably making

Ezinne Osuagwu

Let’s be honest, even though natural hair has it’s perks, It’s like a jealous lover, always needing tender love and care. But sometimes we stifle our hair with this love that it starts to have negative effects on it. From too much products to lack of trimming, here are a few things you’re doing to your natural hair (probably out of love) that could hamper the growth progress.

You do not detangle-

In Nigeria, unless you go to a proper natural hair salon, hairdressers do not have the patience to detangle natural hair; and unfortunately, this is an important step not to be missed. Detangling your hair in sections makes you natural hair easier to comb and you don’t have to tug repeatedly on your hair. This is especially necessary before washing. Purchase good leave in conditioners that make detangling natural hair easier like the Kinky kurly knot today. It’s my favorite conditioner and it works like a charm. Mix it with water, spray your hair and detangle in sections. Thank me later.

Mind your natural hair products:

Not every natural hair product is actually good for natural hair, thus it’s important to check the ingredients to make sure there are no harmful additions in them. A trick is to check for names you can’t pronounce. If you can’t pronounce it, you probably don’t need it.

Your hair needs trimming:

I know a lot of us our reluctant to trim our hairs because we are trying to retain length, hence it might seem retrogressive to cut the ends of your hair right? Wrong. When growing your hair, trimming helps rid you of thin strands of hair which occur as a result of dryness. You know it’s time to trim your ends when your hair starts shedding and you notice white follicles on the ends of your which show that the hair isn’t producing colour anymore. Trimming helps your hair grow faster

You needn’t wash your hair too often

Natural hair needs all the moisture it can get, thus washing off your hair with shampoo strips it of moisture, the imagine doing this regularly. This will result in dry brittle hair. If you must wash, purchasing a very good co-wash will be necessary. Although even this product needs moderation.

Avoid too much heat:

I have been tempted, so many times, to  straighten my her, or blow it out with a dryer, but seeing that I have no heat protectant, I curb those thoughts and air dry my hair. Avoid putting as much heat as possible and when it’s inevitable, and you need to fast dry your hair, then it’s best to turn your dryer on the lowest heat, so it’s almost just air blowing it. If you want to curl your hair, try DIY protective styles like twist outs and bantu knots or curl them with rollers and curl formers.

Making your hair too often:

Finally, this is one that I am especially guilty of, because my natural hair can be strong and unmanageable if I keep it on for too long, so I jump from protective style to protective style, giving my hair 4 / 5 days breathing space. Too much manipulation puts a lot of stress on the hair and weakens it.

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