Feel like you have nothing to wear? Here are a few ideas to try
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Feel like you have nothing to wear? Here are a few ideas to try

Ezinne Osuagwu

There are so many times we dress up and nothing you wear feels right, even if you have worn it that same way before. You look into your closet which is filled to the brim, with dissatisfaction and worse still, it’s getting late and you have to head out, we’ve been there. Dressing up become taxing since it’s done daily, and for those who take their fashion seriously, they don’t like to cut corners, they look for creative ways to revamp old outfits. We are going to share our two cents on new ways to revamp you outfit.

Tuck a tee shirt into your pencil skirt-
Bored with your chiffon tops and office shirts? then pair up your pencil skirt with a regular tee to add an extra flair. If you think it’s too informal then adding a structured blazer would give it an office-y feel.

Sneakers for an extra dose
When your outfit looks too dry and you want to add a bit of edge, a pair of sneakers could make your outfit more interesting. Unusual pairings like a dress and a pair of sneakers make your outfits look more stylish and modern.

Layering is more fun
When in doubt, layer your outfits! It’s simple, wear a pair of jeans underneath a dress, or wear a blouse over a dress, you have revamped the dress! Layer on one two or more pieces of cloth to create new styles and outfits. This could also be done with jewellery, layer one or two jewellery pieces together for a nice stylish vibe.

Scarf it!
When your outfit is neutral and needs a something to make it pop, then a scarf is your go-to fashion staple that could save the day! It’s as simple as draping a bright scarf around your neck, allowing the ends hang loosely. You could also tie it around your neck in whatever fashion you would like.

Heels work wonders
We know that when your shoe game is tight, it makes anything look good. When you want to immediately jazz up a seemingly simple outfit, a good pair of heels could be the Je ne sais qua factor for that outfit.

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