Hair and Beauty- 8 grooming tricks men probably didn’t know
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Hair and Beauty- 8 grooming tricks men probably didn’t know

Ezinne Osuagwu

Today’s hair and beauty will be dedicated to the men. I was going to call it beauty hacks for men but I realised that men don’t like to be qualified with feminine things so we’ll say it the manly way. Depending on you needs, today’s post aims to give you different hacks, tips and tricks that could help make life easier. Unexpected items that could be put to good use, and little things that could do much more for your grooming regimen. Here are 10 hacks I found.

1)Bar soap works as a gym bag deodorizer. Throw an unused bar (stick it inside a little porous sack if you have one) to keep sweaty clothes from adding a permanent stench to your bag.

2) Conditioner makes a good shaving cream down there. If you’d rather not experience that cooling menthol feeling on your balls, a rich conditioner works just as well and protects sensitive spots.

3) Got an oily face? toilet seat cover tissues or coffee filters can fix an oily face. Just blot over your nose, forehead, and chin to absorb excess grease. (women could try this too)

4) Want to get rid of debris on your shaving stick? Rub your shaving stick on a piece of denim the opposite way to get rid of debris and keep it working as good as new

5) If you are part of the beard gang and you have some stray mustache poking out and killing your vibe, use nail clippers to clip stray moustache

6) When cleaning your ears become taxing apply a few drops of olive oil on cotton buds to clean your ears and make it less painful

7) Blasting your razor with a hairdryer boosts longevity. Dullness or corrosion stems from oxidation and rusting, but it can be hard to wipe each blade dry after you’re done. A hairdryer requires less effort and works fast.

8)  Vaseline can prevent chafing. a little of it between thighs or on your will keep others from wondering why you’re walking so funny and prevent your thighs from rubbing.


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