Menswear 101: The 7 worst menswear trends we never want to see again
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Menswear 101: The 7 worst menswear trends we never want to see again

Ezinne Osuagwu

If there’s one thing that makes fashion a lot of fun, it’s trends. Even though they come and go, there’s no greater joy than seeing the frenzy that comes with a new trend. But there are some trends that come and we itch to see them go. On our menswear feature, we are highlighting 7 fashion trends that we never want to see again for reasons ranging from their absurdity, to the hope that they hopefully will never become trendy again.

1) Flipped up collars

Even Yeezy doesn’t pop his collar anymore. This used to be a trend that showed edge and cool, well, there’re dead and gone, and we are very pleased. A polo looks better and more stylish with it’s collars in the right position, tucked in or out, they can be cool without looking too juvenile.

2) Square toed shoes

My dad still has these shoes, he says they’re comfortable and cost him a fortune, but why would these ugly shoes even cost anything? Anyway, as much as we still have some people wearing this shoes (because they have vehemently refused to die) we officially add them to the what-were-they-even-thinking worst trend lists. Thinking of corporate shoes? Think round toe brogues. They are modern, stylish and still very much corporate.

3) Wide Ties

This trend, just like it’s comrade above has refused to die. But these are almost forgivable when worn with a suit as it stay tucked in. Slimmer type ties are work better these days, they mustn’t be too slim, they have varying sizes but none as big as these are stylish anymore.

4) Baggy everything

Remember the days of 50cents, P Square and Tu pac? Yep, at one time, baggy pants, baggy shirts, and big booties were au courant. But thankfully, they have died a natural death. The baggy trend looks like one that will come to life once again but hopefully not in our lifetime. Want a big look without going overboard? Then try straight cut jeans and converse sneakers. Think Diddy.

5) Sagging jeans

We all know the history of this annoying trend. How showing your underwear in public places is one misfortunre we do not want to revisit, thankfully, it’s over now. Buying a fitted pair will save you the “The waist is too wide” explanation.

6) Crocs

When I first heard of crocs, I envisioned a cool pair of reptile skin shoes, but when I was assaulted with this image, I prayed to make it stop. Even though they could come in handy this rainy season, since it’s rubber, and it’s rumoured to be very comfortable, these do not even deserve to be named a trend and should be worn around the neighborhood. Only. Want comfortable shoes? Try Drivers or espadrilles and you’ll be comfy but stylish still.

7) Tags on hats

Why people left the stickers on their baseball hats still beats me. I got an  earful the day I took off the one on my brother’s cap when we were younger, after his tirade, he dutifully and carefully glued it back. Thankfully this one might never come back again. We are a classier generation. Lol

Did I miss out any annoying trends? Do list them below.

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