Lagos Fashion week begins today! See some outfit choices you could wear
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Lagos Fashion week begins today! See some outfit choices you could wear

Ezinne Osuagwu

It’s day one of Heineken Lagos fashion week and it will run from today through Saturday. If you don’t have an invite, it’s kay, just keep it locked on happenings and follow our social media handles @happenings9ja and you’ll be update as it’s happening. For those of us who’ll be attending, a choice of outfit might or might not be an issue,but for newbies like myself who will be attending for the first time ever, here are a few streetstyle chic outfit ideas that could guide your choice of pairings for the event. I got this experience from following too many streetstyle images from fashion week all over the world for almost 3 years now. So let’s begin

1 Play with lengths:


Now it’s fashion week not a charity ball so don’t exactly think austere. Play with different lengths and hemlines, but keep it stylish and classy, you don’t want to think you arrived at the wrong venue.

Yes do sneakers!


It’s fashion week, so play with fashion- Sneakers and jeans, sneakers and dresses , sneakers and everything! just play with it. If you’re the sneakers kinda girl like me, then please do sneakers.

Wear a statement piece:


Whatever it is, a fringed statement bag, or a quirky back pack, or a pair of bold sunglasses, just have one piece that speaks for your outfit. It’s a nice style statement to make.

Layer Layer Layer!


Go crazy with style and layer on pieces in your wardrbe. Dont get confused if you should wear a dress or wear pants, with fashion you can have your cake and eat it. Pair a midi dress with a lovely circle or split skirt that doesn’t reach your knees, so the hem of the dress peaks underneath. Pair a nice pair of pants like she has, with a dress no matter how long it is. Layer on shirts and sweaters and jackets, provided you’re not too hot. No one judges anyone during fashion week.

Chic with an edge:


No one does the pencil skirt and tee better than Soraya De Carvalo of style is my thing, but you can! Pair up a nice pencil skirt with a tee shirt and go crazy with footwear. Flats, heels, creepers, you can’t go wrong.

Boho- chic vibes:


I don’t know if we have any bohemian divas in the house but hippie/boho chic vibes are a nice and unique style to try. Peasnat tops, Vintage inspired flares, bright colours, floral headbands and prints, flat sandals and quirky hairstyles. Boho style is easy, but stylish still.

Go classy:

Wear a simple classy outfit and carry a simple sling bag, pair up with heels. This is a simple, chic and easy way to go and you still come out looking like you made a lot of effort.

Be wholly, Entirely, Totally, and Exhilaratingly YOU


No matter what you wear, no matter how you wear it, whether you can afford old things, or you’d rather wear the clothes you have, just be you. You know your style, if you love flats then please do flats, if heels are your style, then do heels, just be you, live in the moment, enjoy the shows, and laugh to your heart’s content. It’s never that serious.

Who’s attending fashion week? See you there.

Image source:, @NGKI_

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