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#StyleBusters: Winners and losers at Yemi Alade’s jewellery collection launch

Ezinne Osuagwu

#Stylebusters is taking a new dimension today, we will be critiquing the guests from Yemi Alade’s event. She recently launched her bland to glam collection at Civic centre this past weekend and it saw a host of guests come in to celebrate with her. We know Nigerians are a very stylish people, hence the guests turned up as expected. We were loving the different stylish outfits but there were some which particularly caught our eyes. Here are our our top picks.

I’m feeling some serious granny vibes from this outfit. Could it be the sleeves? I think so. We know that lace is having a moment these days and we say yes to the trend, now the problem iwith rocking a bright coloured piece is that if there are any flaws in the stictching, it would be glaring. There is no finesse in the finishing of this dres.The hair dosen’t suit the outfit nor the wearer, and there areno confidence in her features and that says a lot. This gets a 4/10

Moet is slaying!! I love this monochrome army green ensemble. I love how she played her jewellery, her bejewelled bag and her shoes. It’s perfect! A pencil skirt is a perfect piece for undefined dress codes and all you need do is to style it depending on your perception of the event. I love the bling bling overload, she definitely looks like she came to shop jewellery. 9/10 for this one

Everything about this dress speaks kitsch to me. The slit, the style, the fabric, even the shoes help lessen the look. The hemming of that dress is uneven. In fact I think Nigerians need to concentrateon the quality of the finishing of their dresses, no mater how expensive. If it’s badly done. no matter how expensive it is, it will always look cheaper.

Capes are surely having a moment, but biko, when you tie one that looks like an apron on your shoulders, and you think by putting a brooch on it it makes everything alright? I won’t say anymore. 4/10

Now here’s how to wear a cape! There are no problems with trends but what you do with them makes the different. I love how she belted the front giving it a bat sleeve kinda feel. This was tastefuylly done,. I love the big buckle belt, and the pants look well tailored. I love it! 9/10

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