Harmattan is here! Here’s how to protect your natural hair from damage
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Harmattan is here! Here’s how to protect your natural hair from damage

Ezinne Osuagwu

When I saw the harmattan haze yesterday, I was so happy, I sang out loud on my way to work, I was in quite a mood, I started to dance at some point at work from harmattan happiness and to awaken my creative juice a bit. Schooling in the east and serving in the north created  good harmattan memories for me and also because it means christmas is here! yay! Anyway, I covered my hair with a beret all day because I couldn’t find my comb and I was running late but by the time I got home, my hair could’ve been a scouring sponge because I couldn’t get a comb through even after adding water. The dry winds had done their work.

If you are a naturalista and you are also as excited about the harmattan as I am, you’ll know it’s time to pull out the big guns and protect your hair from breakage. I looked up some precautions and steps to take to protect your kinks and here’s what I found.

1) Long term protective styling: Installing a protective style that could take you through the season and still make it easy for you to moisturise your roots is ideal for times like this. Corn rows, braids, faux locs, and other protective styles which would serve you a long while will do. Remember not to let people hold your edges too tight, also avoid tugging and pulling too much when styling as this could cause breakage giving you counter productive results.

2) Co wash not shampoo: Shampoos have a way of totally stripping your hair of moisture causing breakage in a weather as dry as this. A co-wash on the other hand is a much better option as it rather nourishes and conditions your hair while cleaning it.

3) Moisturise: This step is a must! keeping your hair moisturised strengthens it against breakage and dryness. Use an appropriate moisturiser with natural hair friendly ingredients and follow the normal rule, the first ingredient must be water.

4) Carry your spray bottle: My hair loves water and olive oil more than any moisturiser, hence a handy spray bottle allows me spritz my hair whenever it starts to feel dry and scrunchy. This could help you too, by a smaller spray bottle you can carry around so that you can replace lost moisture.

5) Hot oil treatment: This is my favorite tip. The hot oil treatment can be quite effective for your hair. This would condition and keep your hair properly moisturised, shiny and and soft.

6)Avoid dust: When it’s especially dusty, it would be advisable to cover your hair, apart from the fact that it makes your hair dusty and dull, we also have to remember that dust clogs hair pores hampering growth.This could be avoided.

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