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10 times Keri Hilson proved that black women can rock blond tresses

Ezinne Osuagwu

It’s her birthday!!! Lol. Whenever you think of Ms Keri, you think of blond locs yes? Keri came into the spot light, not just with a bang, but she had us all craving the Ombre flipped bob cut. Black women became bold enough to rock blond weaves unapologetically. How does Keri Hilson make blond work for dark skin? First there are always brown roots. If you aren’t bold for all blond, buy ombre weaves with brown/darker roots, it makes for an easy transition. She also experiments with different waves and styles which keeps the looks fresh as ever. I love me some Keri, and even thouh I’d have loved to do her red carpet, I’m pretty sure her blondilocks are more exciting. Here are 10 times Keri Hilson proved that black women can do blonde locs too.

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