Hair trend alert: The Havana mambo twists are the new rave
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Hair trend alert: The Havana mambo twists are the new rave

Ezinne Osuagwu

Havana twists are the new IT-braids this season, everyone is talking about it, we are all seeing the pictures, but do we know how the look is achieved? Well that’s why we are here. Havana mambo twists, surprisingly, are already braided twists that come in packs like your marley hair and kinky hair. They come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and colours and they are installed with a crochet hook juts like crochet braids.

It’s a super fast hairstyle because the braids are already done and it needs no curling. I have seen them being sold on natural hair channels on BBM, though I am yet to see it in a natural hair salon as I haven’t bee in in there in a while but they go for about N2000- N2500 per pack, how full you want it will determine how many packs you’ll need. I also love that it can be loosened and carried as a style resembling water melon braids, for lack of a better description.

See some more pictures of the hairstyle

It can be loosened up to look like this

Here’s a little fun fact- Remember the two little girls who had on really massive heavy looking braids that trended on social media? Well guess what hair they had on? Apparently whoever made it used the longest length and it looked hideous on the little girls.

Have you made your Christmas hair? will you try the havana braids?

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