Socks in heels- Fashion gets more comfortable
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Socks in heels- Fashion gets more comfortable

Ezinne Osuagwu

I’m always for pushing fashion boundaries and exploring the boundless opportunities style can offer. Only with a little inspiration and a whole lot could come out of it.

Pairing your heels with socks is a fabulous option for different reasons. First is that it helps act as a guard, protecting your skin from friction between your skin and the shoes. Also they are a stylish way to transform an ordinary outfit into something with more pizzazz. It’s a playful fun trend and I love how you could work with different lengths of your skirts, dresses or pants and lengths of the socks too. I already tried them on dresses and I feel they’re dope, I surely will like to try them on pants too.

Here are a few stylish bloggers who have tried and slayed the trend..

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