Got flabby arms? Here’s how to turn them into style statements
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Got flabby arms? Here’s how to turn them into style statements

Ezinne Osuagwu

I love my imperfections! Many women scream, but let’s be honest, they frustrate us sometimes. Not everyone wishes they were born with perfect model bodies, even the most beautiful women have their flaws.

Flabby arms are quite common in all parts of the world, and as much as we love our bodies no matter what, styling them is usually the problem. For styling options to hide flabby arms, do read on.

Bare your shoulders:
In as much as the flab doesn’t let you flaunt your arms, it gives you the opportunity to show off your shoulders. Baring your shoulders is a fabulous way to hide flabby arms, as this shifts attention from the arms to your beautiful shoulders.

Darker colours hide better
We all know that dark colours have a slimming effect, thus wearing dark coloured clothes or clothes with blocks of colours with the sleeves darker will work well to hide flab. Another tip is to buy dresses with more of the detailing on the body an around the neckline, and not on the sleeves as this will draw away attention.

Halter necks and cut away armholes
Cut away armholes and halter styled tops and dresses help to disguise flabby arms by elongating the shoulders and making the arms look more slender. Also this shifts attention to shoulders instead of arms.

Sleeves work wonders
Bunched cuffs, flutter sleeves and sheer sleeves work well to hide the arms. This could be full sleeves and or three quarter sleeves. Avoid wearing cap sleeves that are tighter and stop on the largest part of your upper arms as these shifts attention to the arms. Wearing three quarter sleeves that end at the slimmest point of your arms does the trick.

Refocus attention;

Shifting attention from your arms to your finer qualities is basically the summary of all we have said today. Do you have a very small waist? Wear a statement belt! Are you curvy? Wear a nice penciled gown that highlights your curves. The point is to focus on the positive aspects of your body and make it the highlight of the outfit.

Poses when taking pictures are very important. Hands akimbo isn’t exactly the most flattering pose for a woman with flabby arms for obvious reasons. But in all, love your body, wear what makes you comfortable, and stay confident.

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