Menswear’s most underrated fashion staple- Polo shirts
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Menswear’s most underrated fashion staple- Polo shirts

Ezinne Osuagwu

I’m forced to believe every man owns a polo shirt, and if we do recall clearly, they had a moment about two years ago where polos with big badges took over the fashion scene. Shirts and well tailored suits are the rave now and the polo shirt has taken a back seat (correct me if I’m wrong)

The polo shirt might look like just a tee-shirt but I dare say it has it’s own appeal. The harmattans are over, the heat is upon us and we would soon begin to look to our much lighter fabrics for comfort. The polo shirt comes in a variety of styles, designs and colours. They could be styled with shorts, tucked into tailored pants, or even worn with waistcoats and can be used for different occasions. Your polos could be dressed up smart, or dressed down casual because of the wide variety of designs in the market; the trick is in the fit.

Here are a few inspirations to revive your polo shirts and keep them as classy as possible.

Wear them with your tailored jackets and pants
A waist coat for added edge
baseball hat and round rimmed shades make for a quirky outfit.
stripes, tailored pants, sneakers and a hat- What could possibly go wrong
Have your polo halfway tucked into your shorts and with the right shoes you’re headed to a casual hangout or the shopping mall

Don’t underestimate your polo shirt

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