Here’s how to know your US and UK size
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Here’s how to know your US and UK size

Ezinne Osuagwu

Ever had problems knowing your dress sizes, or do words like UK size 6 and US size 10 confuse you? Then this post is for you. Knowing your dress size is easy when you know your basic measurements- Bust, waist and hips. Knowing these three values could help your tailor, the store keeper and even you ascertain your dress size. You also need to know that a UK size is always 4size bigger than a US, thus if you’re a US size 6, you’ll be a UK size 10, etc. But to make it easier, I bring you two parameters. First we have dress size charts in UK, US and others, that shows how the different parameters can calculate your dress size and secondly I have posted the link for a dress size calculator that will calculate your dress size in minutes. Find out your measurements and check the chart

Because the parameters vary, for the charts,  it is popularly said to use the size of your largest body measurement, it could be your bust, but I opine that you use the mean measurement- neither the largest nor the smallest and you should get your size

Click Here to use the dress size calculator

Please note that the results might not always be accurate but at least you could get an estimate that could be close to your size .

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