Very affordable natural hair products for healthy natural hair

Very affordable natural hair products for healthy natural hair

Natural hair is rumoured to be very high maintenance and this misconception comes about because of all the natural hair bloggers who parade expensive makeup products on their platforms. Your natural hair can not only be taken care of with things from your kitchen, but also with inexpensive hair products that are underestimated because of their price. Below are a list of natural hair products that are very very affordable and still do good work on the hair.

911 Emergency hair treatment leave-in conditioner

This used to be a hair staple in some time back, but new products overshadowed it, I hear it’s still very good as it moisturises and strengthens the hair, keeping it shiny and it’s only about 800 naira

Dudu osun soap as shampoo

Anyone worth her kinks knows that this soap is super helpful for natural hair. Melt it in water because it’s not adviseable to rub it on your hair, it doesn’t strip your hair completely and it’s very natural.

Emily millionaire coconut oil and herbs

From the reviews, this works best as a sealant than a moisturiser as it contains no water. It’s also great for deep conditioning as the coconut oil helps to moisturise the scalp and double as an oil treatment. Be warned tho, it has a pungent smell, and contains some form of alchoholic reservative bust seems to work just fin. It costs 300 naira.

Trusty virgin olive oil

This oil is bae! It’s used as a sealant and can be added to your deep conditioner for added moisture and guess what, it’s 200 naira (depends on the size and store)

Jack 5 activator gel

If you find the eco styler gel too expensive then you could try the Jack 5 activator moisturiser gel. The first ingredient is water and that is a good sign, it could be used for your twist outs and styling options for your hair. It costs about 400 naira only

Bama mayonnaise

Yes you read right, this mayonnaise and every other kitchen mayonnaise is good for deep conditioning natural hair, whether on it’s own, or with added proteins, humecants or oils. It moisturises and conditions the hair properly. the price ranges from 250 naira to 800 naira and above, depending on the size.

Motions foaming wrap lotion

Motions foaming wrap lotin is mild on natural hair and is a go-to styling choice for twist out, roller sets and curls A blogger described it as “giving a firm hold with soft curls” and it costs about 1200 naira.

V05 conditioners

These babies got for N300- N500 thereabouts, apparently they are perfect for co-washes which are a regular regimen for naturalistas. Considering that you have to co-wash regularly expensive brands will finish on time, and the price of this brand doesn’t even come close to how good it is for natural hair.

Natural hair care doesn’t have to be expensive, you can still be on a budget and manage healthy hair.

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