#HairandBeauty: Tips for using coconut oil
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#HairandBeauty: Tips for using coconut oil

Yemisi Oshodi

Learning tips and tricks from  professionals may be an adventure, but sometimes the best tricks and tips come from girls just like us.

We all love a product that has multiple uses and pure coconut oil has become a must-have due to the fact that it can be used just anywhere, especially with the amount of moisture  it produces.

Hair: Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is arguably the best oil that can be used for the hair as it penetrates right into the cortex in the hair shaft. It reduces hair protein loss when used regularly and maintains undamaged hair. Where hair is damaged, it strengthens it and keeps it from further damage.

For best results, use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment and post-shampoo treatment.

Skin: Frequent use of Virgin Coconut Oil keeps skin supple and smooth. It absorbs easily and smells amazing!

I use 100% pure virgin coconut oil (Adiagbon) on my hair, face and neck two days a week, it leaves my hair and skin feeling totally refreshed! Once or twice a week, I let it stay for 5 hours  then gently wash it off with  facial wash, after which I apply serum and then daily/nightly apply moisturizer on my face. For hair, thoroughly wash using shampoo/conditioner of your choice. This weekly routine gives me the best results for keeping my skin and hair hydrated.

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