#HairAndBeauty: Hair care habits for healthy hair
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#HairAndBeauty: Hair care habits for healthy hair

Yemisi Oshodi

We know beauty sleep does wonders to the skin, but until now we hadn’t considered the overnight magic it could offer our hair. Think about it like this: Before bed, we cream our body, control blemishes with spot treatments, and pat on eye cream to get rid of bags, so why shouldn’t we take similar measures for our strands?

 These quick and easy ways will help you get healthier hair overnight.

1. Apply an overnight hair treatment.  It smoothes and adds shine to your hair as you sleep with a potent amino acid blend, it can be used on damp or dry hair, is totally pillow-safe, and thanks to its ultra-light, lubricious formula, won’t weigh hair down. At night or even throughout the day apply it from root-to-tip, then use a flat bristle brush for even application. You can also finger comb it if it’s more convenient.

2. Don’t sleep with your hair back if it’s wet. Damp’s a-okay, but don’t even think about turning in with a dripping ponytail. It can cause tension breakage. If it’s wet at the tip or the ends, make sure to towel dry and extract as much moisture as possible.

3. Use a silk pillowcase. The smoothness means less abrasion on the hair. The more friction you engage in at night, the more those kinks.

4. Keep brushing to a minimum.  Remember when your mom told you to brush 100 times before bed? You can permanently nix that idea. Excessive brush strokes cause breakage, especially for fragile hair, and basically ruins your strands. “Brush it enough so that there are no tangles. When it comes to choosing a before-bed brush, don’t use anything made of metal.

5. Sleep with your hair in braids. Plaits will not only give you even texture and soft waves, but will keep your hair from harmful tangling.You take it down in the morning and you’re ready to go.”

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