#MensWearWednesday: 3 Things you don’t realise are killing your style
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#MensWearWednesday: 3 Things you don’t realise are killing your style

Yemisi Oshodi

We hope that by now, you should know which buttons on your suit to fasten – never the bottom, unless it’s a one-button, and that the shade of your leather belt should be the same as your shoes. But there’s some slight oversights that even men with on-point style can overlook.

Think of these as the style rules. The kind of things that most guys won’t notice, but which those in the know can’t unsee.

Wearing your shoes still laced the way they were bought from the shop

Shoes come with zigzag lacing by default because it looks tidy without a foot in. But whether you’re more partial to trainers or brogues, it’s a pattern that does your footwear an injustice.

While we hope you’ve long since abandoned the style that a bright pair of laces makes a pair of shoes pop, rocking an individual lacing pattern can protect and personalize your look. Since shoes come in such a glut of styles, how you fasten them should echo their aesthetic.

Final tip: keep your technique uniform. If you start crossing over-under, keep that pattern all the way up your shoe. Consistency counts.

Wearing A Pocket Square The Wrong Way

We’re not going to go into the whole should-you, shouldn’t-you pocket square debate here. But if you fancy some silk in your top pocket, then at least stay classy. Just slot it in, then don’t touch it again for the rest of the day. The more it falls,the more messy it looks.

Confusing your suit and trousers pockets with a purse

For a while, tech companies had the right idea when you can slip everything down until it’s unnoticeable.

But when you stuff the phones in your suit pockets, the sleek lines and streamlined silhouette you’ve tried so hard to create are instantly ruined by unsightly bulges.

Instead, put out everything, from phone to wallet and any other handy items you carry into a bag.

Think of these guides as your inner style rules and let your initiation to fashion’s upper class begin.

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