5 Genius Tips To Get Dressed Faster In The Morning
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5 Genius Tips To Get Dressed Faster In The Morning

Yemisi Oshodi

There’s nothing more unsettling than starting your day with a dose of complete and utter chaos, i.e., waking up late, ransacking your closet, re-ransacking your wardrobe and running out the door in an eleventh-hour outfit you’re uncomfortable wearing.

Here are a few quick tricks you can easily add to your daily routine to ensure you’re never again late to work on account of wardrobe indecision.

1. Pick out your entire outfit the night before.

There’s a reason your mum taught you this trick when you were younger, it’s only logical and it saves  a lot of time. Before you go to bed, choose your entire outfit for the next day, right down to your shoes, bag, and other accessories. If you wake up feeling like you don’t really want to wear what you picked out, you can edit from there but that’s still a preferable option to trying to create a look from scratch confused.

2. Keep your jewellery organised.

Raise your hand if this scene sounds familiar: you’ve got your outfit all picked out and ready to go, you head to your jewellery box to get your favourite necklace, and you’re disappointed to discover it’s tangled in a big knot with about six other necklaces. Make sure this never happens again by keeping your jewellery seriously organised—chains should never be stored with other chains, for starters. Keep them separate from one another, and be sure to keep your most prized pieces in a uniform place so you always know where to find the ones you wear the most often.

3. Don’t over-accessorize.

When it comes to accessories, simpler really is better. Unless you’re trying to make a statement with an attention-grabbing necklace or pair of earrings, stick to simplistic, chic pieces that won’t weigh down your outfit or slow down your morning.

4. Separate your outerwear

One of the greatest things you can do for your life and your wardrobe is to keep your outerwear light jackets, hats, scarves separate from the rest of your wardrobe. That way, you don’t have to waste time with them when you’re getting dressed, and you can allow them to be an afterthought as you’re heading out the door.

5. Have your work bag already packed.

Last, but certainly not least, pack whatever you might need for work the night before. This often means a pair of heels to change into from your sandals/slippers, perhaps your favourite snack, and any other miscellaneous items you might need. If you feel prepared for your day, you won’t be running around throwing things together last-minute.

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