#HairandBeauty: 4 must have natural skin softening products
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#HairandBeauty: 4 must have natural skin softening products

Yemisi Oshodi

Have you tried all sorts of moisturizers, lotions and the likes, all in a bid to reduce or remove wrinkles, dry skin, acne or ‘pimples’, dark spots and aging signs. well…look no further, for we have gone out of our way to make you a list of skin softening products – affordable ones at that, that will help tremendously. Here’s the list. Go ahead and try at least one.

1.COCONUT OIL: This oil is very common, yet many do not know that with this oil they can achieve a lot, skin care wise. Just so you know, this very effective natural oil is multi-tasking and therefore can help with hydrating your skin. Though multi-tasking, its greatest strength lies in its moisturizing power. Coconut oil (as a moisturizer) is so effective it creates a barrier that locks moisture into your skin, thereby making it soft. Dermatologist call this reaction OCCLUSIVE AGENT. This rich facial cleansing oil lets you take advantage of its rich moisturizing benefits, so go grab it!

Coconut oil

2.  ALOE: The Power of this plant can never be under estimated, never! So, you’ve tried every known name in the cosmetic world and they don’t seem to work. Now, is the time to try this amazing plant. If you’d like to combat a super dry skin, the Aloe Vera OIL or gel is superb. Research has shown that the plant’s moisturizing gel has anti-inflammatory properties that is effective in treating eczema.

Aloe vera juice

3. SHEA BUTTER: If you never knew? Here’s the fact. The Shea butter is naturally packed with vitamins A and E to help leave your skin smooth and soft. Plus, research indicates that Shea butter’s natural anti-inflammatory agent helps fine line and wrinkles. There! next time you need something to help remove those annoying wrinkles, grab a Shea butter!

Shea butter nuts

4.ROSE HIP SEED OIL: For those whose skin concern is to fade dark spots and acne scar, Rosehip seed oil is the remedy you’ve been waiting for. this multipurpose oil, full of antioxidant is packed with vitamins A, C and E. Essential Vitamins for combating dryness, signs of aging, dark spots and acne scar. A must have oil, you’d agree, right?

Rose Hip Oil

Which of these skin softening products would you love to try? whatever the choice you make, waste no time again. Go for it!

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