Payday or no payday, see how to refresh your Wardrobe
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Payday or no payday, see how to refresh your Wardrobe

Yemisi Oshodi

It’s the middle of the month and payday isn’t around the corner yet to get the latest trends. You probably want to rock some fresh and new outfits but that just seems impossible this time of the month and you still don’t want to go on with the same set of outfits you rocked last month. This just shows how stylish and fashionable you are but as a stylish fashionista, refreshing your wardrobe is a must-do act. The perfect solution? Make do with the one you have, recreate, remodel, refresh, accessorize and revamp your wardrobe. Now I know you are probably wondering how that’s possible. We’ve gathered some tips on how to refresh your wardrobe without buying a thing, keep scrolling…..

Try a new colour combination: A stroll away from your normal comfortable color to some new and sparkling colour, all from your wardrobe can present a rejuvenating look from your old and normal look.

Pop a contrasting necklace with a monochrome outfit: If wearing a monochrome outfit, going for a contrasting entirely different colour of necklace gives a fresh breath to the outfit look.

Jacket up the outfit: Adding a jacket to a casual or corporate wear can help portray a new side of the outfit especially going a neutral or contrasting colour of jacket. A jacket can create an entire fresh look.

Going for the Pencils: As you know pencil skirts or dresses are known to give a more classy and girly look. A pencil skirt combined with a loosely tucked in top or a pencil vintage dress can remind you of how glam and gorgeous you can look even if payday isn’t close.

Match your shoes with your outfit: Wanting a clean and new look, pair up with matching shoes and outfit, be it with your blouse, skirt or even bag.

Turn a shoulder bag to crossbody bag: A new turn up look is carrying that shoulder bag like a crossbody bag. This gives a totally clean and new look.

Sometimes, you just don’t to get new things, revamp your wardrobe and see how new and clean your outfit can be.

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