15 Chicky ways to wear your headscarf
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15 Chicky ways to wear your headscarf

Yemisi Oshodi

Hi, I guess you are doing well today, even though you still had to jump out of your beautiful bed and rush off to work so as to either beat the traffic or catch up with that important appointment today.

If I may ask, has it ever bothered you to think of how best you can wear your headscarf without looking twice your age? Besides, does it ever bother you to look out for nicer ways you can wear your headscarf? Do you always feel like hiding that natural hair after you had loosened the former and not had the time to go to the saloon or not interested in wearing a wig? Has it ever occurred to you to wear the same colour on your hair as that of your dress? Well, if you give a ‘Yes’ to the above questions,I bet you need these simple and beautiful ways to wear your headscarf;

Using a small rectangular scarf;

The Goddess Bowlers Hat; This is simply done by holding your scarf wide open, then starting the tying process right from behind to the left or right side of your head and then forming a twine down to the edges of the scarf, which you then roll round your head to give you the perfect goddess bowlers hat.

The Top Knot Turban; Wow! I’m so in love wit this style. Still taking it from behind to the front, you form your twine and then start rolling the twine round on that same spot as if to form a circle in top of your head or knot.

Grecian Two Twist; From behind to the front, let both ends overlap, while leaving the middle open, twisting them behind and bringing out separate edges to the front while putting them inside the overlapping ends.Statement Bow; Make your scarf thinner, take from behind to the side of your head and form a beautiful bow.

The Crown; Widen your scarf, start from the front to the back, fully covering your head, form a slight knot and a long twine and take it from your left round your head.

Double Swirl Band; Make the scarf thinner from behind to the front, tie or twist, then holding one of the edges, make a twine separate twines in front.

Bouffon Bow; Widen the scarf, from behind, tie and make a bow, while clipping the edges into the scarf.

Vintage Swirl; Still making it wide, from behind, take both ends to the side make a twine and a knot.

Two Drop Band; From the front, make the scarf thinner, tie at the back and knot both tips separately.

Ankara Headwrap; Cover your head fully to the back and take one of the edges to the middle of your head and do the same to the other edge in portable round shapes.

Chic Side Bun; Cover fully to the back, tie, make a loose knot and hold with a band.

Eclectic Updo; Fully cover from the back to the front, make a twine and let one of the edges drop, while slightly clipping the edge.

The Badu; Pack up your hair, from behind, leave a space in the middle, then take separate ends across each other .

Swirl Knot Turban; From behind, form a twine at the top, as if you are building a step.

Half Rope Turban; Still from behind, with scarf wide open and leaving the middle open, make a twine in front, then take it across the open middle, pushing the edge inside and clipping it.

So me waking up this morning not in the mood to wear a wig and fortunately I planned to go the saloon tomorrow but I was really confused on how to cover up my natural hair,so I eventually came up with this style while at the office,this is what brought about this article.

See picture below and tell me what you guys think:

With these, you are sure to look twice as young as you desire.

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