#Hair&Beauty: Yes, oil is showing up in all your Makeup—why you should embrace a foundation primer
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#Hair&Beauty: Yes, oil is showing up in all your Makeup—why you should embrace a foundation primer

Yemisi Oshodi

You’ve already got your makeup regimen down to a ritualized science timed to perfection and set in order perfectly, so why would you want to add one more step by applying a primer into the mix? A primer may seem like an annoying extra step in your makeup routine, but it will safeguard you against foundation streaks and noticeable pores. So I’ll be discussing the face primer which I have noticed a lot of us have over looked over time and also give us good reasons not to forgo this product:

1. It improves the texture of the skin so foundation looks smoother.
2. Primer helps makeup to look fresh for hours longer.
3. Improves skin tone (some contain color correctors or brighteners) before applying foundation.

The face primer is usually applied before the foundation, but many of us don’t acknowledge this step thinking its unnecessary, but what we actually don’t know is that it helps smoothen the skin and keeps the make up sweat free and fresh all day long. We have all been in a situation where we step out for some minutes and our faces begin to crack or we sweat, this is because we didn’t apply the face primer. I recommend using a nickel-sized amount and apply all over face with hands or your favorite foundation brush. You can also opt to use it sparingly, reaching only those “problem areas” that may need a slight smooth-over. If you find that primers are the best invention since sliced bread, expand your primer role from strictly foundation to eye or mascara primers. Eye primer keeps eye shadow from creasing and ensures long wear, while mascara primer helps to build volume for fuller, longer lashes. Now that you’ve been prepped, its prime time to get to smoothing it on!

Below are tips on how to apply the face primer

Moisturize your face: The first tip when using the primer is to moisturize your face. Without moisturizing, the skin would be dry and won’t allow for proper application. Many people make the mistake of applying the primer after they moisturize immediately, when you moisturize, wait for 2 seconds before the next step.

Apply face primer: After waiting for 2 seconds, you apply the face primer either on all the face or areas where you tend to sweat more like I sweat more on my nose and forehead, so I apply the face primer only on those places. You should never apply the foundation before the face primer. Face primer comes before the foundation and powder.

Blend: After applying the face primer, blend with your finger tips or primer brush if you are very good with the make up brush. Blending makes the face even and smooth when you want to apply the foundation.

Apply Foundation and powder: After blending, Apply the foundation and powder.

I know many people would consider the face primer as unnecessary, but when you want a well toned finished face after make up, you should consider buying a face primer today.

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