Six accesories that show you’re stylish
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Six accesories that show you’re stylish

Yemisi Oshodi

It’s the weekend here again and trust me, there will be turns of the event to attend. And as the classy, glamorous, big girl or stylish lady/woman that you are, you don’t want to go to that event looking classless or un-sophisticated. So, to help you get heads turning at that event and…truly show your style, we have decided to draw up six accessories that show you’re stylish.

We truly understand the great role accessories play in women (men too) fashion – enhancing their grace and style to depict their personality. So here are the list of must-have accessories;

One must have accessories for all stylish ladies or women is HANDBAG. This accessory is one any stylish lady cannot do without. The essential and prominent accessory for all stylish lady /woman come in different typeS and shape, from funky handbags to stylish purses like sling bags, tote bags, wallets and clutches. Pick anyone of these and add charisma to your person – stylish!

Two is SUNGLASSES; No one sophisticated, glamorous or stylish woman/lady lacks this great piece in her collections. Sunglasses allow you make that bold fashion statement. Hey! They also offer protection against harmful sun rays! Plus they transform your look. There are different types to choose from, so go get your perfect fit today.

Third on the list is a very trendy (not necessarily expensive) WRIST WATCH. Myself for one (very stylish me) am never complete without this accessory. Stylish ladies/women know that this accessory insure one piece to have.  They bring out that lady part of the stylish person.

Four is SHOES. Shoes, shoes, shoes…Oh my, God, I love shoes, not just any type but the very fashionable ones. If you truly want to know a stylish lady/woman, the minute you spot her starts your assessment from her feet. Whatever she is wearing will either give her away as stylish or otherwise. SHOES speak volume of you! Pick the right one always.

Five is BANGLES OR BRACELET. There are times when you would rather these accessories to a wrist watch…cool. They are also classy and a  must have. So, get as many collections as possible and showcase the glamour in you.

The Sixth Must have accessory for any stylish lady /woman is the BELT. With this accessory, you can wear practically any outfit. Get as many as you can.

Wearing these pieces will not only depict you’re stylish, wearing them will forever keep your picture in the minds of other ladies at the event, next time they go shopping! Plus…if they have your contact, you’ll have to get ready because they’ll be calling to find out where you got the piece(s) from!

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