False eyelashes application 101: what you need to know
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False eyelashes application 101: what you need to know

Yemisi Oshodi

Gone are those days when the false lashes were frowned upon, now it has become something many women use daily. The question at this point would be “What do you really know about false eyelashes?” Note that because you use it every time doesn’t mean you know all you need to know.

We’ve already established that eyelashes enhance our facial features, it makes our eyes pop and transforms our face instantly, but when it comes to their application we almost always seek the help of an expert or some cousin that can’t live without it. False eyelashes are pretty easy to apply so even if we get the part right there is still the question of how to take them off properly without causing any harm to your eyelids. So do you do it yourself and do you do it the right way?

Other questions that need answering would be storage, how do you store your false eyelashes? I’ve met some people that throw out their false eyelashes after usage and that shouldn’t be the case (these things cost money) because if you take it out and cleaned it properly you should be able to re-use it 6 more times.

There’s also the question of the best false eyelashes product and the best glue to use, there’s also trying to figure out which size is right for you since everybody has the length they should go for. All of this is what you need to know, here’s a video giving us the false eye-lashes 101 hints we need to know.

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