Little things to do to look professional all week long
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Little things to do to look professional all week long

Yemisi Oshodi

Looking professional for work this week is a must for you, so after deciding on the clothes for the week, you’ve starched, ironed and hung them and they are just ready to be brought down and stylishly worn as the days in the week roll by, but there are little things that you tend to ignore that can dent your professional look this week and you can never tell when an important meeting would come up at work.

So to start this week right, we’ve researched on the little things you think are not important but capable of denting your whole professional look. Of course, they are virtually cost-free, to ensure your wardrobe stays on top this week and long after.

Ditch faded black clothes: Black is the fastest hue that fades, so ensure you check your blacks for visible wear usually caused by the washing machine. You can never be too careful with black clothes but you can always set them aside when dry cleaning.

Get those heel tips fixed: That clicking sound that comes with the sole of a heel removed needs to be checked to remain professional. Not only for the sound but for your safety too, you don’t want to be skidding across a pavement especially when wet.

Empty your handbag of excess stuff: That too heavy handbag is full of things you probably don’t need at work, so empty those things out. You don’t want an awkward moment of searching for a pen and turning up with something less appropriate from your bag.

Check your back always: Your look is a 360-degree experience, so you want your back looking as good as the front.Check to ensure no underwear slip or rumpled back is in view.

Peel labels off the soles of shoes: You want your expensive shoes looking all cheaper than you bought them. So remove whatever label might be there and for those stubborn labels, a damp cloth can sure remove them.

Interesting right? These are the little things that can make you look unprofessional but not to worry, with these little things stated above in place, your professional look for this week is guaranteed.

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