Beauty products essential for new mothers
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Beauty products essential for new mothers

Yemisi Oshodi

Being a mum is the most precious thing in the world but it is also essential for mums and mums to be to have the right beauty products for skin and hair care. Pregnancy and fresh motherhood bring about a host of skin issues like stretch marks, bloating etc and as news moms or about to be moms it’s very difficult to find the right products and then you end up neglecting your skin care despising the aftermath.

Those days of self-negligence are gone, fitness and celebrity mums have proven that you can still glow whether you just entered motherhood or you are about to so its best to stack up an arsenal of healthy beauty products that you would need during this period.

Here are the recommended  products for motherhood:

1. Hair care especially washing your hair is easy to forget when you are nursing, so make sure to have on hand a good shampoo.

2. Motherhood comes with sleepless night and that means you get to have dark circles and eye bags so its best to invest in a really good concealer like the we love benefits classic Boi-ing

3. During pregnancy and motherhood there is a period where your skin becomes very sensitive, you begin to have pigmentation’s (some mothers even have hyperpigmentation) acne etc Mama Moi’s 3-step Skin Care System is recommended, this product which is designed for about to be mums comes in a set of three which include day and night cream, face wash and serum to help fight your hormonal reaction.

4. Now stretch marks are a must have therefore to ward off stretch marks and retain skin flexibility get a very good stretch mark busting balm like Neals Yard remedies mother balm.

5. Pregnancy puts your body through a lot of changes, so its best to arm yourself with essential oils that would restore strength, skin flexibility and would keep your skin luminous and sharp. Balance me super moisturizing body oil promises this actions and it also acts on stretch marks.

6. Other essentials include a tummy wax (oh-lief natural tummy wax), a spa kit (for when you want to spoil yourself a little), what skin needs-skin balm, Bio oil, bloom and blossom soothing nipple balm, Mama Mio tummy rub butter, peppermint feet cooling lotion and so many others.

For more advice on what beauty product you need as a pregnant mum or new mum, speak to your gynecologist or dermatologist.

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