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#HappeningsLoveList: There’s an OUCH store near you!


It’s amazing what Uche Nnaji has done with his clothing line/business. Uche is the quintessential story of achievement. Uche has had his hands on the plough long before “Entrepreneurship” became a buzz word.

Tracing Uche’s success is clear-cut. He worked hard and smart. And he loved every challenge and opportunity he approached. Every stitch on a jacket, every feel of fabric was an inspiration to the next creation.

You’ve got to love what you do. Uche loves what he does. He manages his business with a lot of passion and faith- faith in an unpredictable Nigerian economy and a system that is built to frustrate entrepreneurs.

There’s a formula to succeeding in climes like Nigeria; people like Uche have survived by taming the beast (mainly of disappointment in a country without basic infrastructure)…or at least, are willing to fight it whenever it rears its ugliness.

It’s the fight. It’s the hustle. It’s how we live and survive in the 21st century with dreams growing on concrete.

I am in awe every time I find an Ouch store… these days, they seem to be at every turning. My leaps for the sheer joy of acknowledging a “small business” that has grown majestically without fear in a place where many ambitions suffer seizures cannot be overemphasized.

Uche dressed the president, Buhari, during his campaign. Think of Obama spotting a young designer in America… his life will change forever.

Although Uche insists that nothing extraordinary followed the Nigerian president style project… but it will forever remain a milestone that will be credited to his brand.

We LOVE what Ouch represents to us as Nigerians, to our dreams.

Soar on, soldier!

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