Ladies! Redefine your Style this New Year with these Style Hacks
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Ladies! Redefine your Style this New Year with these Style Hacks


Welcome to 2017! It’s common to hear new year, new me, new friends, new dreams, but I seldom hear new style! With every redefinition of one’s life comes the need to redefine one’s style. Here’s how to redefine your style without breaking the bank or even needing a change of wardrobe.

Take more risks:

I dare you this new year to try new things. If you are a corporate girl, go for more fun flirty pieces, wear more colors, take risks with your hairstyle… You build confidence with every new getup you wear. By trying out new things you tell life ‘bring it on!’, I can take whatever you throw at me. What better way to start the New Year than with a resolve to look good.

It’s okay to splurge:

Limitation has never been the highest form of flattery. In the New Year, you might want to cop yourself something expensive and authentic – maybe a Gucci purse that could go to work with you every day, or an expensive timepiece. There’s nothing more soothing than seeing an investment luxury piece in your wardrobe always reminding you that you worked hard and earned it!

De-cluttering is great for the soul:

Do not take hoarding into the New Year, declutter your wardrobe so that you can see the potentially smashing outfits you could create. Look at every piece and ask yourself “does this outfit fit in with my lifestyle?”, if the answer is no, please toss it, or give it to an orphanage close to you. Any outfit that can’t be restyled to suit your purpose- let it go.

What plans have you made to redefine your style this year? We could learn a thing or two from you. Do share.

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