How To Look Great Even When You Earn A Little
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How To Look Great Even When You Earn A Little


Ilori titilayo

You want to look good but not break the bank, Money can only stretch so far, and lately it seems it is even harder to extend with costs rising on everything we purchase.

There is never enough money left at the end of the month to  spend on your wardrobe especially if you are broke and trying to stay in budget.

So how do you stay stylish on a budget? One thing for sure, the fashion magazine aren’t any help they show fabulous “Must haves” to add to your wardrobe.

The clothes are what they recommend we run out and buy … Now a good looking pair of black pants for N70,000 when an average Nigeria goes home with nothing more than N50,000 at the month end.

I have put together some realistic style ideas and tips so you can look great and keep your beauty in a small budget.

*     Don’t go for the super expensive clothes if you cannot afford it. Some people will never see a difference between a 2000 naira pair and a 30,000 pair of jeans.

*  Again, even though the clothing is cheap, look for things that look great on you,not just things that are okay.

*  Ignore trends, they change almost by the hour, so it will be costly instead focus on defining your own individual style .

*  Only wear what looks good on you, a mixture of trendy piece and classic always looks classier and more elegant than an entire wardrobe of fashion magazine items.

* Try not to buy clothing unless you actual need it. Just because others shop for cloths every month doesn’t mean you should do same.  Where is the money anyways?

*  Don’t worry about where you shop, the important thing is weather the item fits, is flattering and a good colour. Even low priced clothes stores and boutique sell good clothes.

*   Buy the basic things, get some basic Items like white and black T shirt, jeans, black pants trousers, black shoes, things that you can pair with other accessories and cloth to make them seem new and  different every time you wear them. Don’t buy a shirt if it only goes with just one outfit.

*  Ignore trends. They change almost by the hour, so it will be costly, instead forcus on defining your own individual style.

Being unique is hotter than being a carbon copy of a fashion magazine.

* Try jewellery and accessories to update your style. A new inexpensive piece of jewellery can sometimes make all the difference in the world.

* Make sure clothes are right for your body type. Don’t waste hard earned money on clothes that are not right for you. Be sure that you make the most of your body type and dress it with the right fit.

*  Keep it neat, make sure that your clothes are neat and clean. Iron if necessary because people really do notice the difference. Scruffy does not equal style.

* Be creative, If you can sew and if you can’t don’t be afraid to alter clothing. If you have an old pair of jeans that are beat up on the bottom but the waist still fit then, cut it to the length you want and make a bump short out of it. If you have a pair that is too long, Hem them yourself. Be creative with old cloth and make new designs out of it.

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