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Tips On How To Wear The Right Accessory
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Tips On How To Wear The Right Accessory


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Wearing  a  bad  accessory  can  make  an  outfit  look bad, when  choosing  an  accessory  there  are  things you  must  put  Into  consideration.
Tips On How To Wear The Right Accessory
Pick  your  size
The  size  of  your  body  should  determine  the  size  of your  accessory,  if  you  are   petite  pick  smaller pieces, your necklace shouldn’t be long  and  purses  should   be  smaller.
If  you  are a larger  person,  longer styles  of  accessory will  look   beautiful  on  you, Choker  are also  good  for  all body  sizes.
Consider  colour
 Be  conscious  of  colors  on   your  outfit,  as  a  general rule, violet  and  yellow  work  together, orange  and green.
Also  consider  colours  of  the   same   family,  warm colours  all  work  together,  so  any  colour  of accessory  will  be  nice.
Wearing  print
There  are  several  things  to  consider  when  wearing  a  pattern  or  print  outfit,  the  size  of  the   print  should  be  proportionate  to  the  size  of  the  person.
Also  keep  in  mind  that   your  print   should   be appropriate   to   the  occasion  and  overall  theme  of the  outfit.
Experiment  with  different  colours  and  textures combination  until  you  find  something  that  looks good  on  you.
Don’t be afraid to have fun accessorizing your outfits. If you  have  a  gown  or   top that  looks too plain, you can wear an  accessory  that  will  brighten  it.