Looking Grand In Bowler Hat
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Looking Grand In Bowler Hat


Ilori Titilayo

The bowler hat was initially worn by British civil servants and bankers, and later American working men.

It was devised in 1849 by the London hat maker Thomas and William Bowler to fulfill an order placed by the firm of hatters, Lock & Co. of St James’s.

Bowler hats are also known as a bob hat, derby, billy cook or bombin, is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown.

Today, bowler hat is worn by everyone, from the upper class to the lower.

For ladies, you can rock it on a t-shirt, on a tank top either on jeans or a three-quarter pant, you can also decide to wear it on a short gown.

and for the guys, it can be worn on a different outfit, either on a blazer, a t-shirt and so on to compliment corporate wears as well as casuals.

It comes in different shapes and colours, you just have to find the right outfit to compliment the colour of your hat.

Stepping out in the bowler hat is all about confidence, and how you carry yourself in a crowd, that will definitely make a fashion statement.

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