#KeepTheChangeBae: First Dates; Assumptions You Should Scrap Asap!

Yvonne Williams

So yesterday just like any other day we all went about our “not so fun routines” being all intellectually minded and somewhat bored out of our minds… when a certain social media user Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji – @pabloAyodeji decided to lash out at his “intended beau” @MissMoshiku on Twitter. Her offence? He had asked her out on a date but she apparently had the GUTS to turn him down because she wasn’t interested in a relationship with him. But no, deeper than that, Ayodeji had tagged her a – “#brokeasshungrybitch” saying if she was hungry she should have just come out plainly.

The twist? Dude got served big time when @MissMoshiku addressed the “situation” like a queen – Calmly without exchanging words she calculated the bill of his expense on the said date, which summed up to N3,800 and guess what she did? She overpaid and asked him to keep the change “for public transport!” Ouch!!! (I can’t recover…) You can say his pretty behind got whipped real good. And trust Twitter users, the drama spread like wild fire and generated into different hashtags and has continued to rage even till now. In case you missed it read here.

Yes, yes…Okay so more than the jeers and laughter, some real good lessons can be drawn from it all. Going on a first date? 3 assumptions you should totally scrap from your head;

1. Going on a date WILL NOT automatically LEAD to a relationship!

Some dudes just need to let this sink! The fact that you asked a lady out on a date doesn’t necessarily hand you the “happily ever after” ticket. A date is an opportunity to get to know yourselves better so as to decide whether or not you two connect and can maybe take it further to a relationship in future. You ain’t entitled to her heart just cos you squeezed in a few naira notes.

2. Your cash doesn’t equate a BOOTY CALL

Hold it bro! Like seriously?? And don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. A lot of guys tend to have entitlement mentality and it’s not right. Just because you take her for dinner doesn’t mean she owes you sex! You did the asking and so spoiling her silly shouldn’t come with a price tag. You should feel honoured, own your self respect and dignity. Be a man and treat every lady with respect. That’s how it’s done. Putting pressure for sex only makes you appear cheap! Not cool.

3. Be a gentleman

Recession is everywhere so you’ve got to “play smart” and split the expense for the date. Save it! Who says you’ve got to take her to the most exquisite restaurant which between you and I would no doubt drain your entire savings? You aren’t obliged to go above your means. Yes you want to impress but you could take time out and scout for a real descent restaurant with affordable pricing, so you can sort out the cash with ease. Never stoop so low to debate about settling the bill with your date, be a gentleman and get it sorted. Even if it turns out, the date wasn’t worth your while.

And lastly we can’t help but scream, if there’s one thing #KeepTheChangeBae has taught us ladies – ALWAYS HAVE EMERGENCY CASH! (aka vex money), An absolute must!! Just in case some dude threatens to trash your reputation, you silence him like a queen you are.

Salute #KeepTheChangeBae! #SlayQueen – That’s how it’s done!!

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