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#DIY101: Can We FIX Body Odour? (The Great BO)

#DIY101: Can We FIX Body Odour? (The Great BO)


In the days of yore, body odour (BO) might have been just the right smell to entice the opposite sex, but not anymore. BO isn’t going to take you very far these days.

What to do about it?

BO battles begin in the shower. Pick a deodorant soap like Wright’s Coal Tar or tea tree oil soap. You should also use anti-bacterial hand washes such as Carex or Boots or any of the tons available in Nigerian shops and pharmacies.

#DIY101: Can We FIX Body Odour? (The Great BO)

For stronger BO, there are scrubs available for high-smell areas. Try Antibacterial surgical scrubs such as Hibiscrub or Betadine are recommended.

If you have to go beyond deodorants, here are a few other solutions:

Use a cotton pad to wipe vinegar onto your armpits during the day to cut down the number of odour-causing bacteria. (Warning: Don’t use after shaving. The sting may be bad)

#DIY101: Can We FIX Body Odour? (The Great BO)

Dust bicarbonate of soda or cornflour on any problem part of your body. The powders absorb moisture. Bicarb also kills odour-causing bacteria.

Shave regularly. Armpit hair traps sweat and bacteria thereby increasing body odour.

Change your shirt or blouse every day. Yes, you may need to change twice in tropical climes like Nigeria.

How about what you eat?

Spinach, chard and kale and other leafy vegetables are rich in chlorophyll which has powerful deodorizing effect in the body.

#DIY101: Can We FIX Body Odour? (The Great BO)

You can take tablets containing chlorophyll. Always check label for recommended dosage.

Lime tree tea is also useful as it stimulates the excretion of waste products from the body, which may make sweat sweeter.

#DIY101: Can We FIX Body Odour? (The Great BO)

Credit: 1001 home remedies (Reader’s Digest)