All hail Emperor Caesar!!!

All hail Emperor Caesar!!!


By Itohan Ferguson

Caesar? We don’t know his name, call him by his rightful name ‘Eva Alordiah’s fiancé’, then we just may know who you are referring to. In 2016 he made the news and not for the right reasons, when he got snubbed by Wizkid at an award show, even then we did not know his name.

What jumps out to me about Caesar is his burning need, albeit ill disguised to always insert himself in the beam of celebrity light. This was clear when in 2015 he was compelled to share the spotlight with his girlfriend. It was just too much that Eva had all that attention and adulation on stage, while she performed with Victoria Kimani, he had to have a taste of it, she didn’t deserve her moment, some of it belonged to him. So he pranced on stage with a swagger, stopping the show midway, just like an emperor armed with royal largess, he bestowed upon her (and us) the divine gift of his engagement ring, sealed with an extravagant kiss.

While this has many women ‘oohing and ahhhing’ with dreamy looks in their eyes, at such bravery to declare his love for Eva on national TV. The phony display of affection and his carefully orchestrated attempt at showing us a ‘fairytale’ kind of love, leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

In my opinion when a man loves a woman, he is more concerned about showing only her this love than satisfying the prying eyes of strangers. Alas! In this love affair, it would seem, Caesar loves our prying eyes, nods of approval and our wishful sighs rather than his fiancée. Because at every turn he attempts to get our attention and diminish her light, so his will shine brighter.

The news of the broken engagement happened this week. This comes as no surprise to me, because it would seem that being snubbed by Wizkid in 2016 is a rude awakening that Eva may just have outlived her usefulnesss, as he sees it. Ouch. Clearly beyond being Eva’s fiancé he has no claim to fame. Her brand isn’t big enough for his lofty aspirations of celebrity life. Therefore he casts her aside and fixates his eyes on a much bigger celebrity fish to fry (if his flirting with Gifty and Marvis of the just concluded #BBNaija is any indication).

I personally am waiting, while sipping my cup of tea, at the new woman Caesar will crown ‘his lady of the rings’, whoever she is, she must have a celebrity profile bigger than his ex fiancée’s and one fit for the emperor, Caesar.

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