Nigerian Female Celebrities and Pity Party

Nigerian Female Celebrities and Pity Party


By Titilayo Olurin

With a disheveled appearance, a ragged looking scarf draped over her head, and a face entirely devoid of makeup, she looked nothing like her normal self. This was exactly how Mercy Aigbe looked during a recent interview with Broadway TV, where she revealed that she was a victim of domestic violence for several years.

While I sympathise with the actress, I didn’t expect her to look less beautiful than she looked on social media shortly after her estranged husband’s beating. I mean, she went about her normal activities, looking beautiful and glamorous, with perfect makeup and well tailored dresses after the incident (her Instagram page would attest to that fact).

So, you can imagine my surprise when she had the interview in a most pitiable state. She didn’t have to do that just to garner our sympathy, because she already had it. Could it be that she was only following the trend set by Tiwa Savage and Tonto Dikeh? We remember that both women looked anything but glamorous when they granted interviews shortly after news of abuse – emotional abuse for one and physical abuse for the other – in their marriages broke the Internet.

Rather than representing strong survivors of abuse – physical, emotional, or verbal – who can inspire and teach other women, these Nigerian female celebrities have presented themselves as poor, desperate victims who need all the pity they can get.

Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, also succeeded in painting a picture of a pitiable victim on ‘Rubbin Minds’ over the weekend. She made more than a few desperate (yes, desperate!) attempts to demonstrate her upset over her short but tumultuous relationship with fellow actor Seun Egbegbe.

“I made a terrible mistake,” the ‘Alakada’ actress said, almost in tears. Haven’t we all (made mistakes)? I’ve made my own fair share of mistakes too, and I know how past mistakes, hurts, and regrets can linger much longer than expected. But she didn’t have to act as if she was owed any pity and we certainly didn’t need all that over dramatic display of emotions. Anybody could have read right through her act. Pity party much?

Why do these Nigerian female celebrities seem to crave pity? Is it the need to have a few people pat them on their backs for the mistakes they have made or the desire for sympathy from someone, anyone, even total strangers? Or could it perhaps be that these women just want to seem more believable? Whatever the reason, it looks like pity party now seems to be getting popular among some of our female celebrities.

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