When I Was a Child

When I Was a Child


By Blessing Amarachi Ugwu

An account of her childhood on Children’s Day

Isn’t childhood pure bliss? As we celebrate children this day, we bumped into Blessing and she had 10 points to share about her childhood 1. #WhenIWasAChild life was so simple because: Bitch was a female dog. Pussy meant a cat. Dick was a name, and Balls were round objects we kicked around.

2. I was always praised for my love of books and ability to read at anytime and place #WhenIWasAChild. As an adult, the day my boss caught me reading on the job…. Let’s just say I’m between jobs at the moment.

When I Was a Child

3. #WhenIWasAChild I wanted to be a Lawyer and save the world but JAMB decided I was best suited to be a talkative (Mass Communicator). Who says adults don’t know best? Lol

4. #WhenIWasAChild leaving the house was an offense punishable by death. Now my parents beg and even pay my friends to get me to have a social life.

5. #WhenIWasAChild I was convinced I couldn’t keep my money without losing it, so I’d always give it to mum for safekeeping. The irony is that I’d never see the money again, but somehow I trusted her more than I trusted myself.

When I Was a Child

6. Mum couldn’t stand a boy looking at me or me speaking with one #WhenIWasAChild. Now she encourages me to meet men and at least speak with them.

7. #WhenIWasAChild I thought there was a magic wand that cleaned all the clothes I messed up while playing. I couldn’t understand why mum would always complain. Now I want to beat myself when I mistakenly stain my clothes.

8. #WhenIWasAChild I honestly believed adults were wise and had all the answers, then I grew up and met Solomon Dalung! Lol 9. #WhenIWasAChild games I knew included building sand castles, flying kites and petting dolls. These days I’m learning to play with people’s emotions, break a few hearts and pretend disinterest.

When I Was a Child

10. #WhenIWasAChild love was finding the goodies dad specifically bought for us while returning from work. Being cuddled to sleep and having someone willing to kiss the hurt away.

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