Molue: A recognizable Lagos fixture

Molue: A recognizable Lagos fixture

Yusuf Busari

There is something about taking public transport, especially in Lagos. With the abundance of commercial buses from Combi buses(danfo) to the state owned BRT buses and  new generation molue buses catering to the teeming mass of Lagosians. Painted in varying colours from yellow and black to white and blue stripes, red etc.

Almost everyone if not all in Lagos have been on a molue, which is the cheapest mode of transportation. I find being on public transport ridiculously enjoyable due to the changes in landscape and people as the vehicle drives by despite the stifling nature and uncomfortable seats.

Sitting in  the tilted molue which is usually packed with all kinds of people, the song of the late afrobeat legend Fela comes to bear …39 sitting ,39 standing… you get to meet all sorts of characters. Some will amuse you, others annoy you but when you look back, it makes for fun memories.

The medicine seller-

This individual has something to sell mostly tested and trusted by Caucasians. The product is obviously the solution to all your problems; physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, domestic etc.

The preacher or Prophet of doom-

Sees everyone as a hell bound candidate and therefore a potential convert. He stops at nothing until he has passed along his message of salvation – ‘the kingdom of God is at hand’. They glare at anyone whose dressing, hairstyle or looks does not conform to their message.

The Everyone-must-be-in-my-business passenger-

This ones are permanently talking at the top of their voice, with their phones (usually China made) attached to their ears talking about their family, business, neighbor or colleague, threatening someone who owes him money …

Traffic shopper-

Prices everything from every hawker that passes without buying anything.

The Government blamer-

This set of people just sit and grumble at every comment, action made ascribing it as the fault of the Government. If the driver steps on his brake suddenly, the Government is to blame, the conductor pairs too commuters together due to lack of change, the Government is to blame. They see nothing good in anything the Government has done.

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