A Bus Terminal doesn’t a “Smart City” Make (Photos)

A Bus Terminal doesn’t a “Smart City” Make (Photos)


A bus terminal doesn’t a “smart city” make

By 8.30am the terminal is a lone park waiting to be commissioned. It’s another state government transport project. This is one of its ambitions to turn the state into a “smart city”, how charming. Except that a smart city would require good roads, traffic management and highway supervision and observing zebra crossing and traffic rules. It obviously goes beyond launching a bus terminal.

A bus terminal doesn’t a smart city make. The Bus Reform Initiative is a brilliant idea, what would be more brilliant however would be providing other means of transportation within the state. The over 25 million Lagosians ply its damaged roads. It’s something to dwell on, and fix.

Whatever happened to the train initiative conceived by Fashola? The unfinished project is decaying right before our eyes.
They say there are over 9 million people interacting in garages, indeed it is a good thing for the government to capitalize on this exchange. We look forward to smarter ways of transportation as Lagos clocks 50.

Photos by King Solomon Ekhaiyeme

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