Why we Fear the Rain

Why we Fear the Rain

Itohan Ferguson

Many welcome the rainy months in Nigeria, with such foreboding, one would think that the rainy season will provide some form of relief from the sunny sweltering months prior. Sadly we would rather it stayed dry all year round.

Who can blame citizens? when the heavy rains keep changing the topography of several parts of Nigeria into incidental Islands. A cloudy sky has Nigerians looking at the heavens in dread, ” Abeg! make rain no fall.” is the one thought in the minds of Nigerians.

Offin-Igbogbo Ikorodu photo by Ovadje Eliot

For several parts of the nation with deplorable roads, the rainy season mean months of interminable anguish, until the arrival of drier climes. We are all affected, by this gift of nature that have become an affliction.

Offin-Igbogbo road Ikorodu Photo by Ovadje Eliot
Offin-Igbogbo road Ikorodu Photo by Ovadje Eliot
Oke Aro road Ogun state Photo by Bamigbala Adekola
Oke-Aro road Ogun state Photo by Bamigbala Adekola

With deteriorating  roads, in the firm grip of erosion, caused by the heavy rains. Residents of Oko Aro in Ogun state and Offin- Igbogbo  in Ikorodu are people who are not left out out of this torment as they bemoan the deplorable states of their road. Commuters, pedestrians and inhabitants of this axis, constantly have to suffer myriad afflictions; from damages to houses and properties when it floods, to gullies caused by erosion, to the likelihood of a cholera epidermic as drinking water sources are constantly contaminated by massive flodding.

Oke-Aro road Ogun state photo by Bamigbala Adekola

It is appalling that a country with an elected government and several delegated ministries of works, will leave its citizens in the clutches of such disgraceful roads.

Do we not deserve better infrastructure as a people? Must we always fear when the rains are close?

or have we become resigned to our hopelessness?

Photo Credit: Bamigbala Adekola and Ovadje Eliot

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