Happenings Love List: Omoni Oboli

Happenings Love List: Omoni Oboli


She’s quite the hard worker, isn’t she?

The first time I heard about Omoni, it was rumoured she turned down a well-paid script because, well, she was expected to go nude. Skeptics said it was some PR stunt. To the average Nigerian, it was the right kind of moral standing to exhibit in a not-so humble industry.

She had some good moments afterwards – Figurine and Anchor Baby; big screen movies that come with respect. There was the hiatus that followed, probably to pay attention to her growing boys and nurture her family. When she came back, she came back with the force of a bull; churning out movies like sachet water.

The good thing is in her consistency. It’s like waking up from slumber and realising this world is for the taking. She took it – came out with Being Mrs. Elliot, Wives on Strike, and then Okafor’s Law.

Her works may not rank as life-changing materials. She feeds into the same Nollywood chore; but she is busy… and in Nigeria, that counts for something; especially when you know she’d be doing most of the work by herself. Labour division is a rare blessing. Not for lack of desire, but lack of equipped personnel to meet your requirements.

She is on our love list for being resilient, for not being afraid to take risks, which would also mean she isn’t afraid to fail – one of the smartest decisions anyone can take is to look failure in the eye and not be afraid to taste whatever sourness it carries. She has stumbled a few times – Okafor’s Law is definitely one terrible flaw of a movie! But if we know Omoni as much as we think we do, that experience is behind her, brushed off; and probably looking towards another movie project.

This season, she features, alongside Ramsey Nouah, in the big screen release – My Wife and I. See?

That’s the spirit.

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