LASSA Fever: LUTH Discharges 1, Clears 60 under surveillance

LASSA Fever: LUTH Discharges 1, Clears 60 under surveillance


The Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, has discharged one of the three health workers infected with Lassa fever at the hospital.

LUTH Chairman Medical Advisory Committee, Prof. Olufemi Fasanmade, said the first patient was discharged on Sunday after being certified to have been free of the virus.

He said, “We discharged one of them last Sunday and the remaining two will be discharged this week. They are all fine. They will be going home tomorrow. After that we won’t have any other patient, apart from those that are under surveillance.

“The two other infected patients have been responding to treatment and are likely to be discharged this week even as 60 persons under surveillance have been cleared from the list leaving 70 others.”

Fasanmade said so far, none of the contacts placed under surveillance in the last one week have showed symptoms of the disease.

He noted that most of the workers been monitored would complete the 21 days observation period by next week.

“We are not likely to have any emergency because it’s a thing that occurs recurrently and it is sporadic and endemic, meaning that, it is something that occurs and will continue to occur mostly on a yearly basis.

“It is just for us to control it, curtail it and ensure that the outbreak has very minimal death. It is just like malaria that occurs yearly.” Fasanmade added.

A female doctor and three health workers out of over 150 persons that had contact with a pregnant woman who died of Lassa fever at LUTH had tested positive for the infection last week.

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