“Why Many Nigerian Artistes Go Broke Years After Hitting It Big In Music”- T.W.O Explain

“Why Many Nigerian Artistes Go Broke Years After Hitting It Big In Music”- T.W.O Explain

Gbolahan Adetayo

Power couple of the entertainment industry Tunde and Wunmi Obe have described the love of money as the reason behind the inconsistency of Nigerian artistes. They made this known in a brief chat with Happenings Editor.

After releasing an album or a hit song, today’s artistes fizzle out, what is the cause of this?
We were discussing this recently and somebody said that artiste who plan to leave a legacy are rare because most artistes especially the young ones just want to survive, he/she wants to make money now and things that can make money for him like instant noodle and put it in the air and it becomes a hit song. It is very disheartening that a song that won best of the year in December by March nobody wants to play it again, it is ridiculous but this is what is earning these young men money.
There are good singers who are currently reigning, very good vocalist but because all their songs now don’t bring out their talents because they believe what people wants to hear now is that razz sounding instant noodle music and get it going, it’s about money and the society has lost focus. Everything now is about what car is he driving or the maker of your wrist watch and that is the society we have found ourselves and I don’t know whether I should even blame the young people or may be my own set didn’t set a good legacy for them to follow but it seems in Nigeria of today, money is everything. For me, I will blame the politicians, in fact they take the largest blame because with the way money is being lavished and thrown in people’s faces, nobody will want to work anymore, nobody wants to do anything for the sake of doing something, they now focus on money. So, everything people do is all about money. All you hear now is how much? Is it going to pay me? Anything that doesn’t bring money, young people are not interested.
So, is the lavish spending on new artistes from politicians, the reason their songs don’t last?
Their songs don’t last because they are not meant to last and that is what happens when you record a song that is meant to be an instant success and there are not many variations to the song. Let me use Fela’s songs as an example. When you listen to the arrangements, the way the vocal sit on the music you know this is music but the way things are now, most songs are 3 minutes and its over without saying anything, you repeat a word over and over and you are not saying anything new to us. It is one thing for you to enjoy the beat and also another thing entirely for the song to say something to your situation. Check out the song Suffering and Smiling by Fela, even when you get tired of the situation you won’t get tired of the song before anything such situation repeat itself, you hastily remember the song and that is what evergreen means. You stay and cook music, you don’t rush it. Listen to Sunny Ade and Chief Ebenezer Obey’s music for crying out loud. Even if you don’t want to listen to the music but what he is saying will arrest your heart and that is what TWO intends to achieve.

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