Incredible! Uber Driver Attempts Suicide Over N90,000 Debt

Incredible! Uber Driver Attempts Suicide Over N90,000 Debt


Isaac Oguntoye

It was a suicide mission on Sunday when a 31-year-old Uber Driver, Hammed Olojo, was rescued from jumping into Lagoon in Lagos. gathered that, Olojo who drove himself to the Third Mainland Bridge in a
Uber Toyota Corolla Saloon car had written a short note and left it in the
information also has it that Olojo is an ex–convict and the grey Corolla
with the registration number EKY 312 ES he drives belonging to one
Kalejaiye Oluwaseyi.
When he was asked why he wanted to commit suicide, Olojo explained that he
was owing N10,000 in Court 3, Ikeja High Court and the owner of the vehicle
He also stated that things have been difficult for him and that he had
tried all possible means to survive with no success.
The victim disclosed that his wife persuaded him from going ahead with his
plan but his mind was made up and was fed up of everything.
Olojo, had planned to leave behind a short note in Yoruba and translated
into English in the car before leaping into the Lagos Lagoon.
The letter read in part “I killed myself because of the challenges I have
been facing in life. I tried my best and everything has come to nothing”.
He also added in the letter that he was owing N10,000 in Court 3
of Ikeja High Court and N80,000 which belongs to the owner of the UBER car he was
Kalejaiye, the owner of the car however, accused Olojo of not remitting
the weekly  N40,000 he was meant to be paying per week for the past two
Kalejaiye, noted that although, he told him to hand over the car last
Thursday but he has never put him under pressure about the car.

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